About us

The history behind Cult Hotels

Here at Cult Hotels, we do things a little bit differently. We’re warm and welcoming, without being overwhelming. Stylish and comfortable, without all the fluff.

Our hotels are inspired by the originality of each local area. We’re big on living like a local. We’re big on design. We’re big on sustainability, and we're anything but normal. Cult Hotels began with The Lucky Onion, a family of design-led hotels and country pubs in the Cotswolds. Founded in 2006, it’s been an action-packed 14 years, and since then, we’ve opened six restaurants, pubs and hotels.


We believe Cheltenham has something for everyone. As a gateway to the Cotswolds, there’s festivals to enjoy, a rich history to soak up, stunning architecture to admire, and exhilarating horse racing to watch. Not to mention a fantastic food scene. That's why we've made the town our testing ground for Cult Hotels - a new hotel concept that appeals to travellers who want more than a generic hotel experience at a fair price.

We've focused on the raw materials and cut out the fluff. Aesthetic is pivotal, but we're all about fantastic beds, superb showers, and super-fast WiFi. We love making life easier, so we've added automatic check-in. When it comes to checking out, we've introduced a drop-and-go card system to leave you entirely in control of your departure. And for laidback dining at its best, there's the breakfast diner.

The George is just the beginning. We have our sights set on Cult Hotels opening in several other neighbourhoods across the UK over the coming years. Watch this space.

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